Exterior Design

Exterior design processes the external space of an existing building by defining the visual design and aesthetics of the façade with exterior doors and windows, arranging the space around given object with the decks, gardens, patios, terraces, pools, etc. The exterior equipment used in the outdoor designs is usually resistant to seasonable and extreme weather conditions.

Exterior designing include architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers, etc. They plan and design wide range of projects such as different land areas, parks and other recreational facilities, airports, highways, hospitals, schools, land subdivisions, and commercial, industrial and residential sites.
Exterior design has a closer resemblance to architecture, but exterior designers use the existing walls for creating the outdoor spaces and define them with the physical attributes and aesthetics. Sometimes, exterior design is more complex depending on the area size that should be arranged with different outdoor areas for relaxing, entertainment, sport, etc. Also, the designing of a façade often requires wide knowledge of natural and manufactured materials which could be used for the final design of the building.