Industrial Design

Industrial design represents the process of designing and producing products for one use or mass usage. Industrial products have their own function, shape, design, color, significant material, smell, form, purpose, surface and other features. Industrial design’s origins lie in the industrialization of consumer products. Industrial design manufactures products from various industries that overlap in different areas on the market.

Often these products are designed for mass production in production lines and are manufactured with specific technologies, machines and tools under specific conditions. The designing and manufacturing process include teams of designers, engineers, experts, artists, business experts etc. The designing process requires extensive knowledge in the fields of product ergonomics, design techniques, materials for production, prototyping, technological production processes, modern software, management, etc. The final produced industrial products are part of a wide range of industries. The key to successful product design is to understand the needs of end- users on the market. Furniture design and furniture production is also one branch of industrial design.