Furniture Design

Furniture represents an object used to equip existing open or closed public or private spaces. Every piece of furniture is defined by its own shape, color, material, texture, purpose and function.

According to it’s functional purpose, the furniture is divided in several types of furniture for sitting, furniture for lying, furniture for writing, dining, furniture in function of the human behavior, functional furniture for storage, etc. It can be built- in furniture or can stand free in space. Constructively, furniture can be made of different materials. Therefore, the furniture is divided into several categories like upholstered furniture, panel furniture, furniture made from solid wood and furniture made of different innovative materials that are increasingly produced on the market each day. Aesthetically, furniture can have special value if it has unique design style. Also, furniture design is often related to the fashion industry.

Furniture design represents special branch of industrial design and design of products for mass use. Extensive ergonomic knowledge and specialized production methods are used in the design process.
Traditional and modern manufacturing technologies are used in the process of furniture production, with the help of various tools and machines. Different joints and traditional joineries are used in the production process. Besides the functional purpose of the furniture, special attention is paid to its design and often to a certain piece of furniture is given an artistic line and is treated as a work of art. Furniture determines the culture of a civilization, because each nation has its own traditional techniques of making a certain furniture by which they are recognizable, have their own style, use traditional materials for production, décor the furniture with unique decorative details and symbols. Engineers, designers, technicians, machine operators, craftsmen and carpenters are involved in the process of making a piece of furniture. Archaeological researches present data on the use of furniture by mankind since the beginning of human existence, by many examples of usage of natural materials such as stone, wood, metals, etc.