Interior Design

Interior design represents an aesthetically arranged environment for functional usage of the space by people.

Each type of interior design, whether it is a part of domestic or public space intended for work, recreation or transportation, refers to the interaction between people and their environment and it is a two- way process that raises questions of access and usage, their aesthetic and functional values.

The purpose of interior design is to create purposeful architecture of a given interior space in which harmonious composition will be obtained by the help of using different colors, shapes, textures, materials and light. The designing process of a given interior type, whether it is arranging living space, public work space, space for elderly people, interiors for care of sick people, spaces for learning, recreation and sports, rest, etc., requires extensive knowledge of anthropometry with human ergonomics, because each different space requires unique solutions of specific problems that arise by the interaction between the human body and its environment. Each interior design is a complex composition, which solves the space conditioned by the contacts between people and their environment which are with physical and visual nature. Physical contacts contain problems of movement and reach of hands in space, and visual contacts contain the visual field in the interior space. Thereby, the interior should be equipped with furniture that will meet the functional requirements of the project solutions of the space. That way you get a perfect interior design in which the form follows the function of the space.
Properly arranged interior space can have a great impact on the environment in terms of energy savings, use of natural resources and environmental sustainability. The ultimate goal of a well arranged interior space is to create a healthy environment with a pleasant atmosphere for use that will improve people’s mental and physical health, encourage their productivity and creativity, and at the same time will be a place for rest and relaxation.